The Butchers

From Pasture to Plate

In 2010 Preston and Ian began meeting at local San Diego pubs to discuss the possibility of merging their collective talents. The conversation always ended up being about whether a meticulous web developer and a graffiti artist turned creative director could work together and find common ground. Two years and dozens of clients later, the concept was working. The two cooks realized they could both work in one kitchen and in 2012 they decided to launch Butchers Block Creative. Their new purpose: cut through the fat and provide quality work to a world hungry for premium web and print design.

Preston Brynie.Head Developer

I have been developing professional websites since 1999. I'm the resident geek here that has two passions: Building websites and flying airplanes. Fine, only simulated or remote control ones for now, but websites and airplanes are both meticulous disciplines. With one, I'm able to make a profession out of constructing powerful modern websites that enable companies and individuals to efficiently realize their goals. With the other, I drive to the hobby store three days a week to fix a broken engine part for the millionth time. I love both. I have always been fascinated by the small details of complex systems and I'm lucky to have found a profession that allows me to exercise my obsession while improving methods to get projects done better and faster.

Ian Roche.Design Director

I was the kid getting in trouble for drawing in class. Ever since I sketched my first Ninja Turtle, I wondered why the ones on TV so much better than mine. I think that is what has pushed me, the need to know what separated the casual enthusiast from the pros. These days I am a web/print designer with a strong background in marketing. I have been designing professionally for 8 years and a Creative Director for the last 4. We know you want results. We have helped a traditional French wine business break into the American marketplace with enormous success. Through an extensive online ad campaign, we led an interior decor's marketing department into seeing the most profitable years in the company's history. Creating campaigns that produce real world results is my main goal.